P.I.C. (Prison Industrial Complex)




Please click on our CARE Initiative link below for the P.I.C. Study Guide to answer these questions!

1.) What were the conditions of early prisons like?

2.) Where was the first prison built in North America?

3.) Name and explain two “methods” that were used to control inmates at the end of the American Civil War.

4.) When did the first prison for women open and where was this prison located?

5.) With the installment of private prisons, who benefits from them and why?

6.) What ethnic population(s) makes up the highest percentage of people in jail/prison?

7.) Define the Prison Industrial Complex.

8.) The main goal of the P.I.C. is to__________.

9.) Name four industries/companies that use prison labor.

10.) In the late 1990’s the private-prison industry was on the verge of bankruptcy, what has brought the private-prison industry back to a financially thriving business?

11.) List two rights you have in the Unites States if you are stopped by the police.

12.) What type of effect does media coverage of violent crimes have on society?
13.) Read one prison letter that deals with sexual abuse.