Stolen Land: border crossings

Recognizes the outcry of “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!”  Who is an American?  The stories and experiences of Latin American & Chicano/a peoples in the Americas are explored through tracing the historic legacy of how the border(s) came to be.  The play illuminates the institution of government policy, political beliefs and anti-immigration fervor as it continues to stoke the fires of hate and racism even today.This poetic drama recognizes the stories and experiences of Latin American and Chicano(a) peoples.

From the North American Free Trade Agreement to Arizona requiring immigrants to keep their alien registration documents on them at all time, we are continually inundated with stories discussing Latin American immigration.

Harmful political beliefs and ideologies have developed within the Southwestern United States. Stolen Land: border crossings focuses on honestly examining the historic legacy that has created this hostile environment.