Mission, Vision, Values, and Logo


To promote, through active and challenging dramatic work, open and honest dialogue about racism and oppression in America in order to repair its damaging legacy.


Our vision is to inspire, inform, and include.  We will address and act upon the systems of racism and bias that are woven into the fabric of our communities, our cultures, and country. Building and maintaining community relationships within a broad spectrum of the American experience, we will use ritual poetic drama to serve the greater good of the community through social revelation, transformation, and change.


As members of The Conciliation Project, we promote and endorse these values as inherent in our personal and professional lives.  As we work toward opening dialogue about Racism in America, it is important that we carry these values through all of our work and live true to our beliefs.  We are only as good as the values we uphold:

  • Honesty:  Sincerity, truthfulness, frankness, and openness.  Speaking the truth as we know it with a genuine intent to know better and engage one another with kindness and integrity.


  • Community: A group of people that through choice and ideas identify themselves as cooperative and unifying in their ability to be supportive of each other.  Working together with common purpose caring for the well being of the whole and the individual.  Recognizing that working together sometimes requires self-sacrifice, and that each person working towards a common unity willingly and without reservation commits themselves to that sacrifice.


  • Respect:  Holding others in high regard, esteem, and admiration with a broader understanding that their thoughts, feelings and opinions are of value.  Giving each person, and the history they represent, the value, acknowledgement and appreciation that you would like to receive from them.  Genuine regard, acceptance, and honoring of others and doing so by engaging them with maturity, integrity and honesty.


  • Humility:  Recognition that who we are, the gifts that we possess and what we do with those gifts is not our accomplishment alone but rather the result of a collective history and is inextricably bound to not only our hard work and sacrifice but also that of those who came before us.  A recognition that the world is bigger than oneself and ones fallibility in that world.


  • Courage:  Bravery, daring, nerve, fearlessness, boldness.  The determination to face our fears with the conviction of our calling and the recognition of our responsibility as citizens to our collective communities.  The willingness to embrace fear and know that it serves a higher purpose that allows us to grow.


  • Perseverance:  The commitment to press forward the completion of our task under circumstances that “seem” impossible but inevitably need a more extraordinary effort.  A willingness to continue even in the face of adversity and disappointment.


  • Integrity:   Honor, veracity, and reliability in all endeavors.  To stand for principle and a standard in the face of opposition.  A commitment to a truth beyond your own experience.


  • Creativity:  To be inspired by vision, originality, resourcefulness, ingenuity and inventiveness. Opening oneself up to limitless potential by thinking, believing, and acting beyond the possible.



Our work rests in the hands of the community.  In order to create social change, the community as a whole must work together.  We must create together.  We must dialogue together.  Our work empowers communities to find solutions toward solving deep, historically-rooted issues that divide us.


We work at the intersection of art and activism.  The power of the creative spirit is the underlying value at which we create.  Theatre has long been a place for dialogue, a place for the community to debate.  We use the theatre as a tool for dialogue and examining how Racism, Sexism, and Classism are linked and are creating vast inequalities in the United States.


Our plays take a historic perspective.  We examine the historic legacy of Racism in the United States.  We uncover lost stories, give voice to the voiceless, and look at how history has been re-written for the promotion of some and not for all.  In order for us to grow as a people, we must interrogate our history so we can provide for a better future, together.


The ultimate goal for the work of The Conciliation Project is individual and community transformation.  Working off the principle that life is cyclical and that un-doing Racism is a constant process, we acknowledge that social change takes time.  We are committed to the long walk to freedom.

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