Genocide Trail: a holocaust unspoken

Examines how the American Indian has been intentionally dehumanized in the collective consciousness of most Americans.  From our earliest lessons of when Columbus “discovered” America to the stoic mascot of the Washington Redskins we have denied the truth of the 1st peoples of this nation and the recognition of how our country came to be founded.   Where is Wounded Knee? What is the battle of Little Big Horn?This play re-examines the true history of American Indians in the Unites States, from the time of Columbus to the Redskins football team.

Since European explorers first landed in North America more than 500 years ago, American Indians have experienced death, destruction and de-culturization at the hands of white America: a holocaust un-spoken. In school and society, we are taught about Christopher Columbus’ glory, the Pilgrims’ struggles, the love affair of Pocahontas and John Smith, and General Custer’s heroism of in the face of savage natives. Beyond these popular stories, Native Americans — and their corresponding fight for survival — virtually disappear, both literally and figuratively from our textbooks.

Genocide Trail: a holocaust un-spoken examines how the American Indian has been quite intentionally dehumanized in our consciousness, and how we have been denied knowledge of the true legacy on which our country was founded.