TCP Membership

​Introduction to TCP Membership


TCP has historically been such that if you were involved in substantive ways, then you were a board member. We have to become more discreet in how we divide up work, our restructuring of the board resulted in the new divisions. It is a more efficient use of those in involved in TCP's work and a more vibrant use of the community.


In keeping with TCP's vision each of the divisions are similar to family circles. They are non-hierarchical so no one circle is more less important than the other. They have been designed to honor people's individual strengths as well as meet the diverse needs of the organization. Below are definitions of each division listed in the graphic.


Board of Directors 

Board of Directors members are responsible for the governance and overall health of the organization, including but not limited to setting policies, practices, strategic planning, and acting as the primary fundraising body. Membership to Board of Directors is by inviation and we welcome self-nominations. Suggested financial commitment is $75 annually.




Executive Committee

Executive Committee is a sub-group of the Board of Directors that maintains daily operations of the organization. Included on the committee are elected positions by the Board of Directors; the President, Artistic Director, Director of Outreach, and Treasurer. The Operations Manager (paid staff position) is required to attend all Ex-Comm meetings.  Suggested financial commitment is $100 annually.



This division is for TCP members that are not particulary interested in governance but want to help the organization in outreach, artisitic vision, producations, and other areas not related to policies and planning. Each ensemble member is committed to being "on call" for TCP gigs and has been involved in at least one TCP production. Each ensemble member will commit to 20 hours a month to furthering the growth of the organization whether that is acting in a production, helping with technical elements, or community outreach. Ensemble membership is primarily by invitation and we welcome sefl-nominations. If interested, individuals should present thier self-nomination to the Executive Committee.  Suggested financial commitment is $50 annually.



This division is for TCP members that can commit at least 15 hours a month t furthering the organization's growth. Repertoire members must have a general interest and passion for the mission of the organization but are not required to have participated in a TCP producation. Repertoire members are interested in the artistic vision of the organization and may help out from time to time on specific projects related to producations or community outreach. Repertoire membership is by invitation and self-nomination.  Suggested financial commitment is $40 annually.



This division is are TCP members that are not interested in the artisitic vision of the organization but want to help out in other ways. Perhaps allies members can help make important community connections, provide research support, or marketing assistance. Allies members are expected to give 10 hours a  month to the organization. Ally membership is by invitation and self-nomination.  Suggested financial commitment is $30 annually.